Whitewater adventure


  Rafting is the descent of the Whitewater River with the use of a specific vessel, where teamwork is essential to overcome the obstacles that arise. In the commercial rafting the figure of guide provides to general public an accessible experience. This is the perfect way to start experience in whitewater!

Who can do?

  Our customers are often beginners in rafting as you. For those who enjoy outdoor activities and never experienced whitewater river, have to risk a pleasant and exciting rafting trip. We encourage everyone, of all ages, get up off the couch and experience the fun of rafting, we are sure you will enjoy this sport as much as us.

Rafting in Portugal


  The Vertical Dream guides were carefully selected for our team members on the basis of our standards of service, safety, knowledge of routes and vast experience with professional whitewater guide.

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Rafting Tours in Portugal

Tamega River

We provide river descents with fun and excitement for all athletic abilities ranging from mild to more radical. The route is chosen according to the group and river flow. Throughout rafting route we will find several typical rapids of a whitewater river in volume.

Rafting Adventure

Paiva River

The Paiva is a typical mountain river, which after rain shows its rebellious side. Large seasonal variations in flow, the narrowness and steep slope, causing in many places chaining of several rapids, to the delight water sports lovers. Adrenalin and fun are guaranteed in this river!


calendar Availability: Autumn, winter, spring

clock_icon&32 Duration: depending on route/river

man-figure Minimum group: Tamega River: 4 people, Paiva River 8 people

emotion_smile_icon&32 Minimum age: 14 years

bag What gear to bring: Swimsuit/ Shorts and t-shirt(optional) to wear under wetsuit (as you will get wet!), towel, footwear that can get wet, solar protector, who wears glasses should bring a tape to hold them

checkbox_checked_icon&32 We provide: Collective and individual equipment, professional guides, insurance, snacks

cur_euro_icon&32 Price:* 50 euros/person

*In the case of organized groups and/or partnerships contact us to take advantage of discounts.