Canyoning in Northern Portugal

Canyoning in Northern Portugal

Private, quality tours for families and small groups

  Canyoning is a journey through the riverbed with the use of various techniques including hiking, climbing, jumping, sliding (down natural toboggans), abseiling and swimming. Canyoning usually takes place in remote locations. The ideal rivers for practicing canyoning are those whose bedrock has a strong pendant, carved by crystal clear waters
in a narrow canyon full of jumps.

Who can do? Is it difficult?

Canyoning can be very easy or extremely difficult, although the emphasis is generally focused on aesthetics and fun rather than pure difficulty. There is a wide variety of equipped canyoning routes, which are appreciated and enjoyed by people of all ages and levels of physical ability. The canyons are a huge natural play­ground to ludic and the aquatic games (jumps, toboggans, initiation to abseils etc.). We will show you some basic techniques of this sport modality, so you can get fun with all safety!

Canyoning in Northern Portugal

Our activities in the majority are concentrated in the Basto region and Alvão Natural Park, region between Douro, Oporto and Geres.

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Family canyoning tour

Family Tours

Canyoning with kids needs specially adapted routes. Science beginning of our project we had always special attention for families.

We have a wide experience in work with families with children and we do know that approach to activity should be adapted to the capacity of youngest adventurers.

Family tours are accessible for kids from 6 years old, the route characteristics as distance and obstacles to overcome are adjusted to all group capacity.

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Canyoning for Beginners

Canyoning for Beginners

If you want to really experience the great outdoor experience in Portugal, come explore the waterfalls of the North. Our canyoning tours are a fun and lighthearted way to discover the amazing sport of canyoning.

Our canyons are selection of the best canyoning routes at the north of Portugal. In all of them you can enjoy: swims, natural water slides, jumps, rappels, and wonderful scenes of plant-covered, rock and natural pools which make these sporty descent lots of fun. No previous experience is required, and we will provide all necessary technical gear and equipment.

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Canyoning in Portugal


The intermediate canyons are suitable for those seeking to challenge their abilities and already have canyoning experience or are in good physical shape.

Usually, the walk into and out of the canyon is longer, and the canyon requires more or sustained technical skill than canyons classified as suitable for beginners. Our experienced local guides not rush the groups, allowing them to enjoy the activity.

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Private Canyoning Tours


A very special challenge for courageous canyoning freaks! Demanding abseiling points, and extreme slips and jumps from epic heights make these canyons a once in a lifetime experience for athletic people. The ultimate goal is for you to have a wonderful time where you’ll gather memorable experiences and safely go home with the lasting impression of being well looked after and gagging to get back on the next thrill-seeking challenge at the next available opportunity.

This option due to its degree of difficulty can only be done with those who are known by the Vertical Dream guides!

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calendar Availability: Spring, summer, autumn

clock_icon&32 Duration: depending on route

man-figure Minimum group: Tours for families, beginners: 2 participants, intermediate 4 participants; ultimate route 4 participants

man-figureman-figureMaximum group: Tours for families, beginners: 15 participants, ultimate route 6 participants

emotion_smile_icon&32 Minimum age: Tours for families, beginners: 6 years; moderate: 14 years; ultimate: 16 years

bag What gear to bring:Swimsuit/ Shorts & t-shirt (optional) to wear under wetsuit (as you will get wet!), towel, footwear that can get wet e.g. old trainers (no flip-flops as they will be no use in the canyon!), solar protector, who wears glasses should bring a tape to hold them

checkbox_checked_icon&32 We provide: Collective and individual equipment, professional guides, insurance, snacks

cur_euro_icon&32 Price:* Families, beginners: 55 euros/person; Moderate: 60 euros/person; Ultimate: 95 euros/person.

*In the case of organized groups and/or partnerships contact us to take advantage of discounts.