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Who We Are

Our passion, our profession…

Vertical Dream

The founders of Vertical Dream Ilona and Ricardo both with extensive experience in outdoor activities acquired through guides training and practical experience that began in Portugal and evolved into expeditions by countries like Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia and Poland, passing by islands like Madeira, Majorca and Sardinia.

     We started our project in 2012, when we decided to change our lives and move out from the city to small village in the Basto region.

     The reason for this project is based on our motto: “Our passion, our profession”. We combine our experience with what we like to do, ensuring that those who participate in our activities is not treated as a (dummy) tourist, but as fellow of adventure that comes discover a new activity.

     We feel that the world of outdoor activities is not just the domain of cold and suffering but that with quality equipment and service, is a pleasurable active way to enjoy the beautiful landscape we are blessed with living in the midst of. We do not see disabilities as a barrier to outdoor activities and pride ourselves on our ability to enable people to achieve what they want to. We aim for high quality and try to deliver this throughout. We have chosen equipment that makes for the most pleasurable ride.

Vertical Dream opera sob Registo Nacional dos Agentes de Animação Turística RNAAT 82/2012.


Know How

Know How

Our guides are experts certified by IDPJ (Portuguese Institute of Sport).
We choose our guides for their excellent technical and interpersonal skills, certainly. But even more important, we look for those who just naturally have a keen interest in others, who respect and enjoy the personal and unique self that everyone brings to our trips.



We believe that by leveraging our own strengths and resources in-region, we will raise awareness of the importance of philanthropy, and encourage society to participate in and contribute to the development of social and environmental responsibility so important to our region.



All the equipment we use are carefully chosen to ensure maximum safety and comfort to our customers.
We provide personalized service, paying attention to all needs of groups.

If you would like have experience only with your own group/family the private tour is one of our possibilities.